Introduce your class to the animal kingdom with this workshop focused on a variety of habitats around the world. Pupils will come face to face with a reticulated python and Dead Leaf Mantis in the Borneo Rainforest, a gorilla in the Congo, penguins in Antarctica, sharks in the South Pacific and even a Whip spider!

Whilst visiting each location, your class will be required to state the animal’s classification, how it’s adapted to its environment and where it sits in the food chain.

Pupils will also be provided with a number of facts about each animal and its habitat in preparation for writing an information text (should you wish) following the workshop.

Whether you’re looking to provide some inspiration for creative writing or an exciting introduction to your habitats topic, this workshop is guaranteed to engage your class and bring it to life!

Curriculum links: Habitats, animal classifications, adaptations & food chains.

Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Google Expeditions: Borneo Rainforest: Animal Adaptations, The Congo, Antarctica and The Whip Spider.

Follow up lesson plan: Click here

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