The Digestive System

In this expedition, we shrink your class to the size of a raspberry! They will be eaten by a seemingly enormous mouth and be sent on a journey down the oesophagus, into the stomach and through the small and large intestines.

At each stage of the process, your class will learn what the body is doing and the role of each organ. Pupils will be introduced to a number of key terms that will expand their understanding of where our food actually goes once it has been eaten.

This workshop is a great way of bringing the digestive system to life and familiarising pupils with how our food is processed. As a follow up activity, your class can write a recount of their journey through the digestive system our lesson plan.

Curriculum links: The digestive system, mouth, teeth, health eating & diet.  

Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Google Expeditions: The Digestive System

Follow up lesson plan: Click here

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