The Stone Age

In this expedition, pupils will begin their journey back in time by taking a look at a three-dimensional timeline which marks the major milestones in human evolution. We will then take your class to meet their Stone Age ancestors by visiting a digital reconstruction of a Stone Age settlement; learn about how they survived by working together, hunting together and building small villages.

Next, pupils get to visit one of the Stone Age’s most impressive feats: Stonehenge. During their visit, your class can gaze upon the 9 metre high, 22 ton stones which were transported over 160 miles to create one of England’s most famous structures. Whilst there, pupils will explore the theories historians have about how they managed to build Stonehenge without modern day tools.

What could be a more captivating way of learning about the Stone Age than enabling your pupils to time-travel 50,000 years into the past to stand face to face with Neanderthals and mammoths?

Curriculum links: Stone Age, Stonehenge, Human evolution & Neanderthals.

Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Google Expeditions: Stonehenge & The Human Evolution – Physiological.

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