World of Volcanoes

Journey around the world with this exciting workshop about volcanoes. Your pupils will firstly step inside a computer-generated world, where they will learn about the basics of volcanoes and be introduced to a variety of different key terms.

For the second part of the workshop, your class will visit a number of real volcanoes from around the world. Starting in Hawaii, your pupils will come up close and personal with one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Kilauea. They will then travel to Russia, where they will be able to see a volcano in a completely different environment. Pupils will visit a number of other volcanoes around the world before finishing with a supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park!

Let’s be honest, visiting a volcano isn’t the most feasible school trip! This VR workshop is a great way of bringing volcanoes into the classroom and gives pupils the opportunity to see what they look like and how they can differ around the world.

Curriculum links: Lava & magma, ash cloud, earth’s crust & active, dormant & extinct.

Approximate duration: 30-45 minutes

Google Expeditions: Volcanoes & Volcanoes Around the World.

Follow up lesson plan: Click here

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