Rainforest Rambler (1)

Pupils follow in the footsteps of David Attenborough and Jane Goodall by exploring the depths of the rainforest floor. Your pupils will encounter a range of animals and insects including deadly reticulated pythons, green praying mantis and rhinoceros beetles and learn how they have adapted to their environments.

Your class will then be transported to the highest layer of the rainforest to see a pristine, emerald canopy in all its glory. They will then be taken through time to the present day rainforest to see the effects of slash and burn deforestation and housing developments. This immersive visit to Borneo allows pupils to meet its animal inhabitants face to face.

Whether you are looking at deforestation or animal habitats, ‘Rainforest Rambler’ will help bring your topic to life.

Curriculum links: living things, animal habitants, canopy layers & deforestation.

Approximate duration: 30-45 minutes.

Google Expeditions: Borneo Rainforest, Animal Adaptations & Environmental Change in Borneo.

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