Roman Rule

The Roman Empire conquered most of Europe during their reign and they heavily influenced our world as we know it. During this workshop, your pupils will be taken to see one of Rome’s greatest architectural feats, the Colosseum. Your class will learn about why the Colosseum was built, what it was used for and why it attracts over 4 million visitors every year!

Your class will also have the chance to experience Ancient Rome during the height of their power. Using various reconstructed scenes, pupils will take to the battlefield as a Roman solider, step inside the Roman Senate and battle for survival during a gladiator contest.

‘Roman Rule’ is an exciting, action-packed workshop that is guaranteed to engage your class! Our qualified teachers will guide your class through Ancient Rome and
provide a learning experience they will never forget.

Curriculum links: Roman Empire, Colosseum, Roman Senate & gladiators.

Approximate Duration: 30-45 minutes

Google Expeditions: 7 New Wonders of the World, Roman Ruins, Ancient Rome & Romans Vs Barbarians.

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