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Virtual Reality, most commonly referred to as VR, is making waves in education and healthcare. But what is it? VR is a form of technology that allows users to become fully immersed in their surroundings. Imagine being transported to anywhere in the world without having to jump on a plane. Have you ever dreamed of walking along the Great Wall of China or visiting the Galapagos Islands?

We know that experiencing something first hand can’t be beaten. But we also know that this is not always feasible. Using the power of virtual reality, PrimeVR is bringing the outside world to the education and healthcare sector. Imagine starting a topic on Ancient Rome by taking your class to see the Colosseum. Imagine giving a terminally ill patient the opportunity to cross off one of the items on their bucket list. We aim to make VR accessible in education and healthcare with our affordable experience days, VR subscriptions and kits.


VR for Education

How can VR help improve your school’s attainment?
  • Increase student engagement
  • Encourage discussion and questioning
  • Improve students’ retention of information
  • Topics become more relevant and relatable
  • Aid students with social, emotional or behavioural needs

VR is set to revolutionise education. Bring the outside world into your classroom with PrimeVR. We offer experience days, VR subscriptions and kits.

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VR for Healthcare

How can VR benefit the well-being of your residents?
  • Form of reminiscence therapy
  • Encourage social interaction
  • Relieve anxiety and depression
  • Provide cognitive stimulation
  • Make a bucket list idea a reality

Providing a stimulating and varied activities programme for residents can be challenging. Could VR help with this? We think so. That’s why we offer experience days and tailored activity programmes for your residents.

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Our Story

PrimeVR was started by two tech enthusiasts, Stuart and Tom. Stuart is a qualified teacher and former Google Expeditions associate. Whilst working on the UK Pioneer Programme, he visited over 100 schools and travelled nearly 10,000 miles across the UK. He witnessed the awe and wonder that virtual reality created in the classroom; from remote locations in Cornwall to the busy city of London, the “WOW’ reaction was the same. Tom is an expert in all things IT; he built his first computer at the age of 10 and has been running his own digital agency for over five years. Together, Stuart and Tom started PrimeVR to make virtual reality more accessible across the education and healthcare sector in the UK.

Stuart’s favourite Google Expedition is
the 7 New Wonders of The World.

Tom’s favourite Google Expedition is
Angel Falls.

To read more about Stuart and Tom’s journey and to check out their tips, ideas and lesson plans for Google Expeditions, visit their blog.



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