Around the World

Show your competitive side with this PrimeVR favourite. Think of a pub quiz with VR headsets (but without alcohol). Your class will be split into small teams, where they will compete with each other based on their geographical knowledge.

Using their PrimeVR world map and VR headsets, they will be required to identify the names of countries, cities and famous landmarks from around the world. We’ll start off relatively easy but then they’ll get harder and harder as we progress through the quiz.

We’ll also throw in some curve ball questions along the way that may require your pupils to think back over their previous topics. This workshop is perfect for Geography and is a really fun and exciting way of incorporating map work.

Curriculum links: Map skills, around the world, countries, cities & famous landmarks

Approximate duration: 30-60 minutes

Google Expeditions: Varied.

Follow up lesson plan: Click here

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