Rainforest Rambler (15)

In this workshop we’ll explore why our planet is changing and what can be done to slow it down.  Using VR headsets, we’ll take your class on a journey around the world to see how different landscapes and ecosystems are changing due to the increasing temperature of our planet.

We’ll start by transporting your pupils to both Antarctica and the Arctic. Here, they’ll learn what impact the melting  ice caps are having on local wildlife and what repercussions this has on the rest of the world.

We’ll then submerge your class underwater where we’ll talk about what impact rising sea temperatures are having on our marine ecosystems. Your pupils will have the chance to learn about coral bleaching and the threat it posses for thousands of species in our oceans.

One of the most significant contributing factors to climate change is deforestation and we’ll explore why this is taking place in Borneo Rainforest. To finish, we’ll talk about what we can do as a society to tackle climate change and slow down the rising temperatures on our planet!

Curriculum links: Climate Change, Global Warming, Deforestation & Renewable Energy.

Approximate duration: 45 minutes

Google Expeditions: Geography of the Poles, Global Coral Bleaching Event, Borneo Environmental Change & Global Environmental Issues.

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