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In this workshop, your class will learn all about how the respiratory system works. We’ll break down the process of breathing by taking a closer look at the role of the lungs, trachea and the mouth/nose.

Your pupils will be introduced to the bronchi and bronchioles, tubes which lead into both lungs. It’s estimated that there are over 30,000 bronchioles which lead into each lung!

Your class will also have the opportunity to see what alveoli look like – tiny air sacs where gas exchange can take place. We have over 600 million alveoli in our lungs and each one is wrapped in a mesh of capillaries (tiny tubes which supply oxygenated blood back to the heart).

Following on from this workshop, your pupils can put what they’ve learned into practice by writing an imaginative diary entry from the perspective of an oxygen particle travelling through the respiratory system!

Curriculum links: Respiratory System, Trachea, Lungs & Alveoli.

Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Google Expeditions: Human Anatomy – The Respiratory System

Follow up lesson plan: Click here

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