The Vikings

We’ll bring your Vikings topic to life by virtually transporting your class to Yorvik Viking Centre in York. Through a series of reconstructed scenes, your pupils will experience what it was like to be a Viking in AD 700-1100.

Your class will firstly join Jorfor and his men as they fight the Anglo-Saxons on a brutal raid in Durham. Immersed in the battle, your pupils will come face to face with fierce Vikings determined to win and expand their territory.

Next, your class will join Jorfor in the Viking mead hall, a focal point of the village often used for celebrating and storytelling. You’ll also be introduced to a number of other Viking activities at Yorvik, including hunting, preparing a feast and swearing fealty to Jorfor himself.

This workshop is ideal for introducing your class to Viking life and is a great way of inspiring your pupils for a follow up writing activity.

Curriculum links: Viking life, Mead hall, Yorvik Viking Centre & Jorfor.

Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Google Expeditions: Vikings: Way of the Warrior & The Vikings

Follow up lesson plan: Click here

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