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We know that excellent teaching has the greatest impact on pupil progress. But we also know that students only progress if they are engaged in their learning. VR can help with this; bring learning to life and set the scene for your scheme of work. Learning about volcanoes in Geography? Take your students to see a Supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park. Studying WW1 in History? Immerse yourself in the trenches. Trying to improve descriptive writing? Drop your class into the middle of Borneo rainforest.

For VR to have a meaningful impact, it should be planned alongside the requirements of the national curriculum and embedded into your scheme of work. VR can be successfully incorporated into any area of the curriculum. See below for some subject specific examples.


Inspire creative writing through amazing locations like tropical beaches, historical castles and the vast rainforest.
Show the real life application of maths and estimate the volume of one of the Pyramids of Giza.
Analyse the skeletal system and travel through the human body to learn more about how we function.
Show the conditions of the trenches that soldiers faced during WW1 or whisk your students off to see The Seven Wonders of the World.
Use the beautiful and breath-taking scenery to inspire students’ artwork or take your class to famous art galleries around the world.
Take a tour around a recording studio and explain the various types of equipment being used.
Have a look around the Googleplex in San Francisco or go and explore a large data centre.
Get up close and personal with some of the most well known volcanoes around the world or show students the impact that global warming is having in Antarctica.

VR Workshop & Experience Days

Are you looking to bring your next topic to life? A PrimeVR experience day is a great way of bringing the outside world into the classroom.

Our team are able to offer half and full day experiences. We can deliver and tailor lessons according to your curriculum needs or we can simply be on standby for any technical support you require.

There are now over 700 different expeditions you can choose from.

For more information regarding our experience days, simply contact us.

Prices start from £299

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Why not rent?

Bring your curriculum to life with PrimeVR. With our unique subscriptions you can have regular access to virtual reality without having to invest in your own kit. Using VR in every half term topic is a great way of putting concepts into perspective and will give students something to relate to.

We offer a range of different VR subscriptions but each one will include the following benefits:

Staff training

Full PrimeVR kit

Door-to-door courier service

On-call technical support

If you are looking to incorporate VR into your 2017/18 academic year and you want to avoid that initial large investment, look no further than our unique VR subscriptions.

Prices start from £104/mo

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Need help with funding?

We proudly support Rocket Fund – a fundraising platform designed to help schools access the latest technology.

Get started on your VR journey and create a project today.

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All-In-One VR Kit

Our kits include everything you need to run a VR session with your class.

  • Student Mobile Devices
  • Teacher Tablet
  • Homido Grab VR Headsets
  • High Speed Router
  • Fast Charging Power Hubs
  • Manoeuvrable Carry Case

We offer a 15 and 30 person kit.

For more information about our VR kits, request a copy of our 2017 Digital Product Brochure.

Prices start from £4,995

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Interested in trying Virtual Reality in your school? Book a demo with a member of our team.

*If your school is based outside our catchment area, we’ll be able to post our demo kit to your school and arrange a convenient time for a video call. That way, we can answer any questions you may have and support you in setting up the demo kit.

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